Tapering off effexor using prozac

Thank you for letting me share my experience from this awful drug.Come to find out, those are all side effects of stopping Effexor cold turkey.

I also am taking a Liver Detox from Walgreens, and I think that is helping this crap get out of my body quicker.I feel so much lighter in the head and no suicide thoughts like I used to have everyday.I will have to call my Dr in the am I think I will see how the evening goes, but I am not sure this is going to be an easy road as the previous withdrawel from a benzo was a nightmare.Tapering down your medication gradually under the supervision of your health care provider can help avoid. such as Prozac.The half-life of effexor and its metabolites are super short, and this is why the symptoms appear after even one missed dose.I barely slept at all during the first few days, and when I did, I had night sweats so bad that I would wake up so soaked that I needed to change clothes twice a night.Was originally on 225 mg per day, came off over 7 months using Prozac bridge toward the end.Focusing was extremely difficult and I would often forget my point halfway through a conversation.

I hope all of you feel better and trust me you are not along in this.I was worried weaning from Prozac would be difficult considering my experience with Effexor XR.After 3 days of symptoms quickly getting worse, they began to gradually get better.I have been crying on and off all day, and just feel terrible, and have a lonely feeling.A very gifted and compassionate friend recently said that she feels enslaved to Abilify.As directed, I increased to 75 mg and remained on that dose for approximately one year, I had ABSOLUTELY NO negative withdrawal systems.

Reading your experiences makes me hope these physical and mental symptoms are only temporary.I was started on Prozac again and my dosage was increased rather quickly.Once the Pristiq is gone, you can taper off the Prozac using the.I decided I wanted to be rid of the drug and get off it cold turkey, but my dr disagreed and said that was a bad idea and I could crash severely (experience extreme depression).I managed to get off Effexor and it was the hardest drug taper I have ever done,.As long as I still had any amount of efexor in my body, I could still function.Hi Nancy, Yes, I did eventually wean myself from the Prozac and it was fairly easy.Yes, I did eventually wean myself from the Prozac and it was fairly easy (versus trying to quit Effexor without doing the bridge).I was able to taper down slowly without a bridge, but a few months later had terrible anxiety attacks, so my Dr. put me on Prozac which I loved.

I have been taking 225mg XL for about 5 years (spent 14 years on other SSRIs before that) and recently decided to try coming off.If you have not started to taper the antidepressant yet, using this.Just stop for a minute, in the middle of a brain-blink (as I like to call them) and remember that YOU are in charge now.I still have a planned 2 months to go until I am effexor-free.Looking back, my life only got worse while on this drug, in fact it fell apart.I have been trying to come off effexor for a little over a month.I tried coming off of effexor it made me so dizzy and I could not stand my self I could not even think stright.

Anyone ever get totally NORMAL after stopping ALL antidepressants.Like several women have already stated, I was first prescribed Effexor 10 years ago to help reduce symptoms related to cancer treatment.I was put on Venlafaxine ER after a total hysterectomy in 2008 for hot flashes.Wow, this drug is like coming off a street drug (not that I have been on drugs,but what I have seen on tv ).So far at the 25 mg dose, I am having a hard time distinguishing between withdrawal symptoms and virus symptoms.I had no idea the side effects of this med or I never would have agreed to take it.I will be seeing my psychiatrist the 26th so I will let ya know what he thinks of my progress.Your post helped my doctor and I make a plan to get me off of Effexor.I hope I can get through this hoping tomorrow will be better.

I plan to do this for one month, then reduce it again to 37.5mg for another month then half of that and so on.If you abruptly stop using venlafaxine, withdrawal. these symptoms by gradually weaning you off the. form of venlafaxine available as Effexor XR.After reading this blog several months ago, I got the nerve to try and get off Effexor one more time.I was caught between a rock and a hard place, because I desperately needed ADD medication for my symptoms that make functioning very difficult, but was apprehensive as I already struggled with anxiety.There seems to be a little disagreement on which way is best.

Through a strong faith and self-confidence, as well as the help of the drug, I came out of the sadness and recently just got married.I have been taking Effexor every four days and could not seem to get past the 5th day, but last week I did.How to Stop Taking Wellbutrin. Even if you are tapering off Wellbutrin,. such as Effexor (venlafaxine) Tricyclic Antidepressants.The first couple of weeks I had those shocked feelings but with each day they got better.I had been wanting to stop taking the Venlafaxine but my doctor said she would advise against it.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, my doctors immediately took me off of all other estrogen-related meds.My doctor (GP) has prescribed me a low dose of Zoloft 25 mg to start taking with effexor for several weeks and slowly increasing.My family is going through some very stressfull times right now, but there never seemed to be a good time to do this.Please.in desperate need of help. managed to slowly wean myself off effexor xr 150 over about a week n a half.Wz fine for about 2 weeks then for the last 2 months have been absolutely going insane by either being incredibly sad or absolutely raging mad.Any products which have been gifted or sent for review will be expressed as such in its blog post.

I would have withstood the hoot flashes, but the cancer diagnosis and everything else before me, I did not question.I had worked in a mental health clinic for several years and thought I knew what weaning was.I stopped it because I thought I was seeing my weight creep up a little and tried to use Xanax as a rescue med (at night, especially great for sleeping).Every time I get to the final stage of weaning I go into a deep depression and go back on them.You have given me hope that I will never have to experience anything close to what I experienced coming off the cipralex.Withdrawal has been hell for me, I guess I asked for it doing to cold turkey method but 2 weeks in, despite the daily nausea, I will never go back.Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences with all of us.I also told her I only wanted two to three weeks on the Prozac and I immediately got a response with the Prozac tapering schedule that begins after 1 week.I have got myself down to 19 of the round balls of the 37.5 mg pill of Effexor for about 2 wks now.

I ran out of the pills once and experienced the horrors of withdrawal.Prozac Withdrawal and Tapering Help. Prozac. For those off Medications and feel poorly. More. Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash.This information is not intended to replace any medical advice.He said he really likes that method and it seems to work well.

Weight Gain and Antidepressants (Including SSRIs)

At first I tried to get off too quickly and got so sick, like none, then one, then none and so on.I really trust and like my Dr. but I am surprised that she put me on this drug to begin with.

When I got to a low enough dose, which I believe to be about 37.5 mg, I did the prozac bridge.My weight gain was through the roof and I am trying my hardest to lose it now- shifting so so slowly.I work full-time and really want to minimise the side effects.I am just not finding anyone who has done well with cold turkey and I need some encouragement.If I missed just one dose I got such crazy dreams, sweats, long disturbing sleep, feeling like I had the biggest hangover.Wendy I wanted to let you know how thankful I was to find your blog.